government discussion 10/31/21

Module 2 Academic Discussion 2 – Reform of the Electoral College
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In Module 2 Discussion 2 we will be addressing the Electoral College, the reasons why it was established by the framers of the US Constitution, and the many reforms that have been proposed to change it over the decades.
To help you formulate an answer, be sure to review the Exploration for this module and Chapter 7 of your e-text, on Voting and Elections. 
Look also at the following websites on the Electoral College:

History of the Electoral College
Federal Register 
Fair Vote 
Options for Electoral College Reform
Electoral College Fast Facts
Electoral College History

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government discussion 10/31/21
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Outcome 4

Consider the following:  President Trump became only the fourth president to lose the popular vote but become president anyway by winning the Electoral College.  People often comment that perhaps it is time to replace the Electoral College with another method of electing the President.  And, as the Electoral College websites indicated, multiple proposals to change the Electoral College exist

Please respond to the following questions completely
Please discuss the pros and cons of replacing the EC with some of the other proposed methods of electing the president. Which of the various methods proposed do you support the most, or do you feel that the Electoral College needs to remain in place? Would the method you selected be a positive reform to the presidential election or would it serve to disenfranchise voters in the less populous states? Please make sure that you explain your responses fully. 

For tips on how to get a proficient grade on discussions, see this link here.
See example of Academic Discussion here.


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