Goal Setting Journal

Please see attached Instructions.Please also see attached my Week 1-6 Goal Setting Journal, which I submitted and was already marked on. But I need 6 more but I’m stuck and can’t think of anything to be honest. Hoping you can be extra creative and make them up. Please note, I work at a Family Law firm in BC as a legal assistant, soon to be paralegal (this assignment is for the paralegal course) that only deals with family matters. The goals can be very vague and brief, as you’ll see in my previous goals, they can apply to any type of admin job etc., please focus on more universal goals one would have while trying to enhance their profession from a legal assistant to a paralegal. but once again, they can be very vague and brief.C. Goal Setting Journal (3 marks each week) (Due: midterm evaluation date- October 22, 2021 AND final evaluation date-December  3, 2021)  Each week, during the 12 week practicum, students are expected to set a goal for themselves in  relation to their jobs to increase their professional and personal performance levels.  Students must provide a goal for the week in the form of a journal. During the week, students must  make entries in the journal to record the progress made that week to achieve the goal.  The following is a suggested form for the journal entries: WEEK: ONE DATE: Monday, _______, 2021 to Friday, __________, 2021  THIS WEEK MY GOAL IS: [state goal]  I PLAN TO MEET MY GOAL BY DOING THE FOLLOWING: [list your plans how to meet your goal]  DURING THE COURSE OF THE WEEK, I MET MY GOAL BY DOING THE FOLLOWING: [make notes during the week as to your progress in achieving your goal and state whether you  have met your goal by the end of the week. If the goal has not been met, indicate so and reset the  goal in future weeks with different plans.] The purpose of goal setting is to assist you with enhancing the quality of your work and personal  growth. Your goals should reflect tasks which are appropriate to Paralegal work.  Examples of appropriate goals might include:  • improving interpersonal communication in the workplace with lawyers, clients, fellow staff  members;  • increasing document accuracy and quality;  • creating office systems (such as precedent systems, file tracking systems, critical date  reminder systems, safekeeping systems, file checklists); • learning a new legal concept that is relevant to your job; • improving note-taking on files;  • developing a system for prioritizing work;  • increasing your billable time; • increasing the pace at which you produce documents;  • developing a strategy to avoid procrastination;  • developing a reference binder/office procedure binder for your position… 

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Goal Setting Journal
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