Gin Brands analysis

Brand I choose: Gordon’s London Dry Gin

Choose a COMPETITOR to the company you are following.
Each group member must choose a different company
Evaluate their Website UX on both desktop and mobile devices.
You are NOT comparing this website to your company. You are evaluating it on its own merit.

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Gin Brands analysis
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Use these questions as your guide:

Is it useful?
Does it have a purpose?
Is it user-centered?
Is it a pleasure to use?
Is the design innovative?
Does it reflect the personality of the brand?
What are the aesthetics?
Is it employing responsive design?
What do you notice about the content –  entertaining, convincing, inspiring, does it educate, or is it boring?
Is it easy to convert?
Are they using AI to ease conversion and/or for customer service?
Do you think it incorporates the hallmarks of a fascinating message? How?

Organize these as a blog content for publish, not only a asssign


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