gender & representation in sport media

1. What is your object of study? What is the question you are seeking to answer or the field you wish to survey? This is not merely re-stating the essay topic but instead should be an overview of the direction you are thinking about taking the question you have chosen.2. To whom does it matter, and why? Is there a gap in the academic literature?Or perhaps you are trying to increase your own understanding of a particular issue/writer/debate/community/movement in the so-called ‘real world’?-in other words, ‘SoWhat?’ Show me why you’re taking the position that you have chosen to take3. In what specific ways will your paper be theoretical?Name the theories/theoretical–political discourses/writers within and across which you intend to work and specify the irrelevance to the project.Times new roman font, size 12.

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gender & representation in sport media
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