GCU NUR643E week 8 final Exam 2021/GCU NUR643E week 8 final Exam 2021

Question 1
A 62-year-old woman, who has been coming to you for 3 years, has a recent onset of hypertension. She is still not at goal despite three antihypertensive medicines, and you strongly doubt nonadherence. Her father died of a heart attack at age 58. Today her pressure is 168/94 and pressure on the other arm is similar. What would you do next?
Add a fourth medicine
Refer to nephrology
Get a CT scan
Listen closely to her abdomen
Question 2
Mrs. Jaeger is a 67–year-old who went through menopause at age 55. She has now had some vaginal bleeding. Which of the following should be considered?
Endometrial cancer
Hormone replacement therapy
Uterine or cervical polyps
All of these
Question 3
A 73-year-old retired accountant presents to your office for her annual examination. She has incontinence of urine when she coughs or sneezes. She takes several medications for control of hypertension and diabetes. You use the DIAPERS mnemonic to assess the cause of her incontinence. All of the following are items represented by the mnemonic except for:
Atrophic vaginitis
Restricted mobility
Question 4
A 58-year-old gardener presents to your office for evaluation of a new lesion on her upper chest. The lesion appears to be “stuck on” and is oval, brown, and slightly elevated with a flat surface. It has a rough, wartlike texture on palpation. Based on this description, what is your most likely diagnosis?
Actinic keratosis
Seborrheic keratosis
Basal cell carcinoma
Squamous cell carcinoma
Question 5
A patient presents to you because she is experiencing a tremor only when she reaches for things. This becomes worse as she nears the “target.” When you ask her to hold out her hands, no tremor is apparent. What type of tremor does this most likely represent?
Intention tremor

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GCU NUR643E week 8 final Exam 2021/GCU NUR643E week 8 final Exam 2021
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