GCU NUR643E Midterm Exam Latest/GCU NUR643E Midterm Exam Latest

Question 1
Adam is a very successful 15-year-old student and athlete. His mother brings him in today because he no longer studies, works out, or sees his friends. This has gone on for a month and a half. When you speak with him alone in the room, he states it “would be better if I was not here.” What would you do next?
Tell him that he has a very promising career in anything he chooses and soon he will feel better.
Tell him that he needs an antidepressant and it will take about 4 weeks to work.
Speak with his mother about getting him together more with his friends.
Assess his suicide risk.
Question 2
Mr. Chin is an 82-year-old man who presents to your office for a routine check. On examination, you notice a somewhat high-pitched murmur in the second right intercostal space during systole. It does not radiate and the rest of his examination is normal for his age. Which is true of the most likely cause of this murmur?
It often increases carotid upstroke.

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GCU NUR643E Midterm Exam Latest/GCU NUR643E Midterm Exam Latest
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