GCU HLT324 Week 1 Quiz /GCU HLT324 Week 1 Quiz /GCU HLT324 Week 1 Quiz

1. Panethnicity can be defined as
The dynamic interrelationship between culture and identity that reflects the notion of many intersecting “coethnics” and evolving intercultural patterns in the emerging global community.
The relationship between charity and right action—between love as compassion and response to suffering and need, and justice or fairness of doing what ought to be done within the culture.
A sense of interconnectedness and belonging in the complex universe.
2. Roach’s complex nature of caring identifies six “C’s” of caring, which are:
Compassion, competence, confidence, conscience, commitment, comportment
Compassion, competence, coexistence, commitment, cooperation, comportment
Compassion, competence, collaboration, commitment, cooperation, comportment
3. Personal, empirical, ethical, and aesthetic can be classified as:
Transcultural consciousness

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GCU HLT324 Week 1 Quiz /GCU HLT324 Week 1 Quiz /GCU HLT324 Week 1 Quiz
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