GCU CWV101 Week 7 Final Exam /GCU CWV101 Week 7 Final Exam

1. Which of the following statements is true of the kingdom of God?
It is a physical kingdom.
It is already and not yet.
It is specific to particular geographical land in Israel.
It will begin after Jesus’ returns.
2. God’s mission flows out of his character.
3. After the fall, what was true about all humanity?
They have the possibility of becoming sinful.
They are sinful by nature.
They lost the image of God.
They are as sinful as they can be.
4. Which of the following worldview tests evaluates evidences and experiences to see if the worldview matches with reality?
The Moral Authority Test
The Coherence Test
The Correspondence Test
The Practical Test

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GCU CWV101 Week 7 Final Exam /GCU CWV101 Week 7 Final Exam
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