Functional programming code editing.

 Directions Begin your work by accessing the Project Thermostat Lab Guide PDF document. While this document was written for a Windows interface, the tools can be used on Mac or Linux as well. To accomplish the work outlined in the guide, you will need the following:  TI CC3220x LAUNCHXL TI Code Composer Studio (installed) USB connection between the PC and board Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:  Develop code for all of the specified functionality. Remember, the goals of this project include reading room temperature, indicating the result via LED output, increasing or decreasing the set temperature, and simulating the data being sent to a server. Create code that initializes the timer and uses it to drive specified actions. This involves two steps, both the initializing of the timer and then its use in running an action. Create code that uses interrupt to detect button presses. This involves two steps, both the detection of the button presses and then using the result to run an action. Create code to initialize the I2C peripheral and use it to read the temperature sensor. This code must both initialize the I2C peripheral and then read the temperature sensor correctly. Create code to initialize the GPIO peripheral and use it. Remember that the GPIO is involved in indicating the output of the temperature via LED and setting the temperature with two different buttons (one to increase and one to decrease temperature). Create code to initialize the UART peripheral and output specified data. The UART should be used to simulate data being sent to the server. Be careful to ensure that the UART is initialized to the correct baud rate and serial configuration. Implement (in code) the task scheduler functionality. This should match the specifications described by the Project Thermostat Lab Guide 

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Functional programming code editing.
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