1. In my interview with Professor Zeinabu Davis, she discussed her interpretation of the L.A. Rebellion as being greater than the time frame listed by Dr. Allyson Field as well as the program not being limited to people who attended UCLA. Professor Davis mentioned a director who she feels follows in the tradition of the Rebellion directors even though this person did not attend UCLA. Who is that director and mention at least one of the films she noted that make this person a spiritual part of the Rebellion.
2. All the of the directors we examined this quarter work in different genres outside of film. How Do you think these projects contribute to/help viewers discern the director’s style? Give examples in your answer.
3. In my lecture on my chapter about Spike Lee and Tyler Perry, I noted that Perry causes me great ambivalence. Why am I ambivalent towards him?
4. Though Spike Lee attended NYU film school, his works focus on aspects of blackness. In what ways can his work be linked to the L.A. Rebellion and what do I, in my chapter on Lee and Perry, argue is the reason for his not being associated with this group.
Questions 5 – 7 are 20 points each
5. Several articles and/or chapters we have read critique aspects of Lee’s films. Consider the sexism in his fiction films such as School Daze (1988) and Malcolm X (1992) and then consider his documentaries, 4 Little Girls (1997) and When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts (2006). Would you argue that sexism is apparent in his documentaries? In addition to citing authors, describe a scene or scenes in the films that supports your position. Your response needs to cite at least four authors: Bambara, Wallace, Everett, hooks, Acham, Lubiano, Letort, and Dyson.
6. Hollywood is an institution that has structural inequality. Using Harry Benshoff and Sean Griffin discuss what factors operate in Hollywood to obscure and naturalize its structure and inequality. Also examine the ways the industry deliberately makes choices regarding employment, specifically in the director position, that exclude 72% of the population based on Los Angeles county census data. Use Maryann Erigha and other writers in your analysis.
7. What are the themes (content and/or visuals) that are apparent in Ava DuVernay’s work? Are these themes limited to her fictions films? Discuss at least four media from DuVernay and at least two authors.

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