Frederick Douglass

 you have the 15 paragraphs coming due per the calendar date. please review. i am looking for thoughtfully constructed paragraphs. you self select the 15 Except you must do number 22. you are referencing the narratives where appropriate. you simply cite page number and move forward. paragraphs are stand alone and you simply number the one you are responding to for each question. generally, this takes at least 5 pages and many students do 5-10. it is a very successful assignment for many years. keep it MLA in format.

i will evaluate it as follows
content is 17 points. each question is work one point to address content, but # 22 is 3 points. i want to clearly see you read the book and respond to the question.
analysis is worth 16 points. this is your explanation and understanding. you should stay focused upon what Douglass states in his Narratives and what you think you learned. they are all 1 point except number 22 is worth 3 points. this analysis is very important.
presentation is worth 17 points. you will proofread and make sure you thoroughly address each question. you are in no hurry and you demonstrate clear expression of your ideas. 

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Frederick Douglass
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