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Can you buy modafinil in the uk. You will need a prescription. it has long-term effects. anon71789 Post online pharmacy uk delivery 35 I don't know to be honest, i got the idea for this post when i read about this drug. don't know if it can be bought in the UK, i live Europe in the Netherlands so im not sure. i am really disappointed that this is still a drug with such long-term effects. i wish we would think about banning this drug! I was thinking how hard it must be for the addicts here to get by as some kind of addiction medication. I don't know how long the addiction lasts but hopefully it will not last for long. As i am a new user looking for the best product which could provide the best results possible so that i could be able to deal with the consequences of this drug. I am asking you for your opinion, please let me know if you could help, thanks in advance! anon71755 Post 34 I want to comment, there is a drug here in the UK called Propranolol that you can take and will have very similar actions. It doesn't have the serious side effects of modafinil. I would love to get hold of this drug here so i can know how to get a prescription and find it. Also i will like to know what kind of effects it could have on me. I want to get a prescription and find it. anon70882 Post 33 This makes me so sick of people saying "It's just a brain drug" or "a pill". It's worse than anything that's on the market. When one is addicted to alcohol, there no better way to ensure your alcoholism is in full force than to make sure that you can get the drug that you need whenever want it. There are countless stories of alcoholics going to the point of killing themselves that have a drug for purpose. This is what the pharmaceutical industry and government have been doing ever since this drug was invented. It will end up giving a huge number of people diseases that are not actually caused by drug use. We need to stop this before something terrible happens. anon69858 Post 32 No doubt about it, a lot of people need the modafinil or another similar drug to deal with their ADD/ADHD. I am one of the thousands people who used this drug to treat my mental/chemical imbalances. Some of the problems people who use this drug, or are addicted to this drug can be a major problem with relationship, job or even a car. We can not deny that in every case the person is trying to get help from it and is not doing to get high. If someone with a serious addiction is not taking it seriously, can cause a relapse or from very dangerous addiction. People who use drugs are still doing some good to society. When they go school, work, socialize or just sleep, these people are contributing to the development of society. I can promise you that a person is using drugs and/or abusing alcohol has a hard time being in relationship. I can say a person with drug problem and/or other addictive behavior is unable to see where he/she/it is going... anon68733 Post 30 This is a good question. Yes, it is possible to buy modafinil in Canada. (Canadian pharmacies are limited to 60 pills a day, but you can buy more if wish.) The problem is that I was forced to leave Canada after I went into medical withdrawal from Modafinil. I had a doctor in the states prescribe it for me, but I couldn't afford it. So had to try obtain it online. The website (unfortunately not open in my country) was very expensive. I can also get other types of medical supplies for those who cannot purchase a prescription online. I bought couple of hundred pills it from another website, and was almost a day before they were shipped. The delivery company was horrible too--I'd call and say I had an urgent shipping need but no one would ever answer, and after two weeks the packages still hadn't arrived. I'd say that they tried to deliver two-day delivery for me, but it was not possible and just left me waiting wondering as to why no one had called or said anything to me about it. The last shipment did come but I have yet to check understand if it was a correct delivery. So, I'm back on the street to find next solution. Please note that this is all about the price rather than side effects, as I've heard from many people. I can't speak for all, but I would say if you really need this for those few days then just go straight online and ask for it. anon67995 Post 28 A friend of mine, guy who is really into.
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