Formative Assessment Analysis Project:

 Formative Assessment Analysis Project: (100 Points, Due July 24)Each student will be able to interpret formative data from a secondary class.  In this project, the student will be presented with formative data from a benchmark assessment. The student will analyze the data and prepare a written analysis of the formative data explaining the class’s  scores and testing results outlining the class’s performance. This assignment should be 1 to 2 pages in length.Rubric:____1 – 1 ½ Page Analysis/ Summary of the Formative Data (80 points)____ APA Format (everything Times New Roman, size 12 font , double space, 1 – inch margins etc..) (20 points)Guidelines for an adequate analysis of the data:Descriptive Data (# students, grade level, subject, etc..)Identification of the bottom 25% of the class based RIT score Identification of the bottom 25% of the class based on Lexile Range Number and percentage of students that met growth 

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Formative Assessment Analysis Project:
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