Read the case study documents provided. Based on this information create a 15- to 20-page report in which you build a strategic plan and business plan for the Center for Diabetes Care, which extends the reach of Western Hospital and promotes positive health outcomes. This report will be distributed to board members and the CEO prior to the presentation, and a grant proposal will be prepared based on the material in the report. The report should include text, charts, graphics, and financial data. Provide references and sources. The report must include:

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Executive Overview

The summary you will provide for this assessment differs from other Executive Summaries you have prepared during the program as it will not be a summary of your entire report, but will focus on key information needed to make your “case for action.” This Executive Overview establishes several key facts that will be useful to decision makers as they review the Strategic and Business Planning documents.
Written in an executive summary format, this section is a “case for action” explaining how the goals of the Center for Diabetes Care align with the goals of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), Healthy People 2030, and the Institutes of Medicine (IOM) aims for quality care.
Includes a recommendation for the establishment of the Center for Diabetes Care, which takes into consideration the perspectives of internal and external stakeholders—including accrediting bodies.
Explains how the Center for Diabetes Care fits within the continuum of care for Western Hospital setting the stage for the next part of the report – The Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan

Vision, mission, and values statements for the Center for Diabetes Care. Includes introductions for each element of the strategic plan that defines the element and explains its role in the plan.
SWOT analysis listing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to opening the Center for Diabetes Care. Includes introduction of the SWOT analysis that defines its purpose and provides rationale for key aspects of the analysis.
Introduces and describes strategies for launching and operationalizing the Center for Diabetes Care
Explains the importance of this strategic planning process and defines long- and short-term goals for the Center for Diabetes Care.

Business Plan

Implementation timeline for key activities required to operationalize the Center.
Analysis of financial data for the Center for Diabetes Care, including a chart summarizing the financial data.

Strategic Planning


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