Five Tips to Help You Write a PhD Thesis

When you’re writing a PhD thesis, you want to make it perfect. After all, you’ve spent years studying and doing countless assignments. Now that you’ve reached the end of the road, you should aim to end your academic career with a bang. In case you’re feeling nervous about writing your PhD paper, here are some tips that will help you earn your degree.

Make Sure the First Ten Pages Are Perfect

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Five Tips to Help You Write a PhD Thesis
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When you submit the first draft of your PhD thesis, you should expect to receive numerous notes on how to improve it. Although this is completely normal, you should make sure that the first ten pages of your paper are perfect. If the first pages of your dissertation contain mistakes, your examiners will start the reviewing process in a bad mood and give you notes before they get to the actual data. If you thoroughly check that the first pages are written perfectly, your examiners will read your thesis with an open mind and give you constructive criticism that you can use to craft the perfect paper.

Understand What Makes a Good PhD Thesis

There are a few different things that make a good PhD thesis. For instance, it needs to have structure that can easily follow your arguments. You also need to include some of your original ideas in the paper. Make sure to include relevant sources for every statement you make in your dissertation. Remember that strong scientific reasoning is extremely important for backing up your claims. Finally, you should create an excellent presentation that goes along with your paper.

Ask for Help

If you’re stuck and don’t know how to write your dissertation, you should ask for help. For example, you can ask for assistance of a fellow PhD student. There is also the option of hiring someone online to help you as well. There are a lot of services that provide professional thesis writing services. All that you have to do is pay someone to write you a thesis, and you just have to provide the writer with clear instructions. It’s worth noting that you can also use these services in case you’ve already written your Ph.D. thesis but don’t have enough time to proofread and edit it.

Keep a Notebook by Your Side

Whenever you’re writing your Ph.D. thesis on your computer, you should have a notebook by your side. Using a pen and paper to write down any ideas or notes is a great way to be one closer to finishing your dissertation. Keep in mind that even if you write your thesis chapter by chapter, it’s still impossible to keep all of your thoughts linear. Sometimes, you may get an idea for the second or fourth segment of your paper while you’re writing the third chapter. You can also switch to a pen and paper when you’re experiencing writer’s block. This will allow you to write whatever comes to your mind instead of doing formal academic writing. Once you’ve written down several ideas in your notebook, you can start refining them.

Read Dissertations

The best way to get inspired to write your Ph.D. thesis is to read other dissertations. You can ask some of your friends or family members who have a PhD to share their thesis with you. Another option is to simply search for dissertations online. As you’re reading them, make sure to write down any notes you have. Mention what you like and dislike about each paper. Having these notes by your side will help you write the perfect Ph.D. thesis.


Writing a dissertation is no easy feat, even for Ph.D. students who’re at the top of their class. This is an academic paper that is supposed to show why you deserve a doctorate, which is why many students get extremely nervous when they have to write it. Nevertheless, you can follow the aforementioned five tips to make the process of writing a Ph.D. thesis easier for you.


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