Financial Fraud Research Paper

Suggested Structure
Choose one specific Institution (Say Wells Fargo) or one specific market (say, Cryptocurrency market)

Choose a recent fraud activity (past 5 years), a major fraud ($100 million or above)
Choose an activity for one where financial information or data is publicly available
Identify and analyses the metric and framework for fraud using past / historical pattern
Take a financial and analytical approach; not a descriptive, historical or psychological approach
Do extensive research by going to or other internet sites and identify ten major, relevant and focused article on this fraud
Do analysis and explain in your own words why it happened, how it happened, and what is being done to prevent such a fraud recurrence.
See also the Financial Fraud Presentation(PPT).

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Financial Fraud Research Paper
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The paper should be well written and proper end‑notes and bibliography are required.
As a general guideline, the paper should be approxi­mately ten pages long, typed (1.5 spacing Font size 11 and excluding references and appendices).
Sample papers are available upon request.
You need to turn in an electronic copy of the paper also so that it can be checked with Turnitin software

Appropriate Topics
Some appropriate topics are below, but please choose a topic of your own.  The “first” criteria for grading the final project is the originality of the topic. No approval of your topic is required from the instructor.

Impact of Fraud on any individual financial security – Say Treasury Security
Impact of Fraud on any individual financial institution – Say Wells Fargo
Impact of Fraud on global financial/banking practices – Say Mobile banking
Impact of Fraud on any global financial market – Say Mexican Peso
Impact of Fraud on any electronic markets – Say Derivative Security
Impact of Fraud on any individual investors – Say Buyers of Insurance
Impact of Fraud on World Central Banks – Cyber attack
Impact of Fraud on World payment systems -Cryptocurrency
Impact of Fraud on Global lending

Suggested, Appropriate Sources

Wall Street Journal
Business Week 
The Economist 
Financial Times 
International Finance Corporation’s publications
Numerous Online publications 
Numerous Academic Publications 
The Banker 
Annual Reports.  
IMF/World Bank publications.
Online Data Bases

Google Scholar


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