Finance Paper

 Please answer the following question in 5 pages of a paper, APA format, must can pass plagiarism check.  
1. Search Yahoo Finance, or any other credible source to retrieve the most recent income statement and balance sheet for a major leveraged corporation. (pick whatever you like)
a. Provide these statements in proper format and include a screenshot of the data.
b. Retrieve the data on the company’s historical data and calculate annual rate of return by using adjusted closing prices for the past 20 years. 
c. Using the data on the company’s stock rate of return and the index’s rate of return, estimate the beta of the corporation. Compare this value with the value stated by the source. 
d. Retrieve the risk-free rate of return as the annual interest rate of US treasuries. Based on these values, estimate the expected annual rate of return of the corporation’s security. Compare your estimate with the expected rate of return as evaluated based on your data in part b.
e. Using the financial statements mentioned above, estimate the annual rate of interest paid by the corporation (cost of debt). 
i. Also, find the tax rate and capitalization ratio (proportions among equity and debt). Using these values that you have found, estimate the annual weighted cost of capital (WACC) of the corporation.
2. Choose five (5) major securities from different industries, one of which can be the one you chose in part 1 of the question. 
a. Retrieve the data on the companies’ historical data and calculate annual rate of return for the past 20 years for each security.

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