Finance Essa Exa

Here are the questions for the final exa, which requires you to write two essa 
Choose 2:  (12-Point Font, Double Spaced)
Q1. Recommend a life insurance strategy for a client who has temporary life insurance needs (e.g. Income Replacement, Mortgage Payoff, College Funding for a Child) as well as permanent life insurance needs (e.g. final medical expenses, funeral expense).  Be specific, such as the family’s current mortgage balance is $352,819, a funeral costs $11,000 today, etc.  (500 Words)
Q2. A client is interested in a long-term care policy, but she first needs to know about the nursing home coverage provided by Medicare and Medicaid.  You may assume she has $247,000 in assets (e.g. bank account balance).  (500 Words)
Q3. A young (e.g., 21-years-old) client just won a lawsuit (make up the amount).  Explain a Deferred Lump Sum Annuity.  Show the math (make up the time frame and fixed annuity yield) in Word’s Equation Editor, or in an eight column by two row table given you use the Time Value of Money Solver (TI83).   (350 Words + math).   

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Finance Essa Exa
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