Final Project Proposal

At this point, you have already completed the Idea assignment to determine:

the topic of your final project, and
the general approach you plan to take, either activism, outreach, or service.

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Final Project Proposal
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You should have also received approval for your topic/idea from the course instructor. If you have not done so already, you must obtain instructor approval of your topic/idea prior to moving ahead with the proposal.
Remember that you can review the overview of the final project in the Final Project Module for more details. You can also find the explanation of final project types (activism, outreach, and service) and examples of each on the page Activism, Outreach, and Service in the Final Project Module.
Points/Questions to Address
The second step in completing the final paper project is to submit a project proposal that expands upon your original idea. In the Final Project Proposal, you should complete the following items:

Develop a statement of significance that presents the topic you chose and explains why it is important. This section should include any relevant background information, research, and/or statistics needed to support your focus on this topic. Be sure to use in-text citations and provide corresponding complete references.
Describe how you will conduct activism, outreach, or service related to this topic, including the specific activities you will conduct. For an activism project, explain the position or outcome you are advocating for. For an outreach approach, explain the intended outcome(s) you hope to achieve among your participants. For a service project, explain the benefit provided to others. 
Prepare an outline of your project plan, including all of the tasks you will complete.
Add a timeline to the project outline, indicating when each portion of the project will be completed.
Describe all permissions, approvals, or other commitments or obligations from others needed to complete the project and describe how you obtained them.
If you have any ongoing concerns for your instructor, include them as the final item in your proposal.
All answers and conclusions must be supported, as appropriate, with evidence and resources/citations using APA. Reference the Writing Resources for assistance.

Please keep in mind that your completed final project should be substantially different from or go beyond the other work you have done for the course. In addition, your proposal should be a well-developed plan, not a first thought or question.
Reach out to your instructor ahead of time if you have questions about the proposal you are developing.
If you have questions about the project, please refer to the Final Project module. If you still have questions, please reach out to the course instructor.


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