Final Project GLB MARKET

 Submit a 5 page paper (APA style) and accompanying presentation with recorded audio (Powerpoint, Canva, Prezi, Visme) that addresses how VEEM and Blockchain will transform global marketing. 


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Final Project GLB MARKET
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Industry-Leading Disaster Recovery (DRaaS), Data Protection Powered by Veeam Announced by ITsavvy
Rethink Wire Transfers: Bank Transfers Made Easy and Affordable
Five Ways Blockchain Could Disrupt the Media Industry
Why cryptocurrencies aren’t going away
Qchain Strikes A New Future of Blockchain-Driven Advertising


YouTube: Veem Live Demo at QBC Connect 

YouTube: 19 Industries The Blockchain will Disrupt

YouTube: Bitcoin Might Fail but the Blockchain is Here to Stay

YouTube: AdEx: Is the Future of Online Advertising on the Blockchain? 


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