Final paper

This is just the instructions given. Its easy, we have already gotten started. I will communicate with you and attach all the necessary documents.
The paper must be 8-10 pages long – DOES NOT include the title page or reference
 Look at the title page on the sample papers on Canvas so you know how to set them up.
 Reference page is to be in APA style, so please make sure to look at the samples on
Canvas or go to THE OWL page at Purdue.
 You can section off the paper into the introduction, literature review, and conclusion
because sometimes it makes it easier to read for the audience.
 The introduction and conclusion SHOULD NOT be any longer than a page.
 You MUST have 5-7 sources for the paper!  4 of these sources MUST BE peer-reviewed,
empirical articles from journal articles.  What I mean by empirical is that the articles were
published by researchers who conducted their own study.  The article would include
methods, data, findings, limitations, and future implications.  The other sources you use
should be appropriate ones (not Wikipedia, etc.) and most students use the source(s) in
the introduction to give a definition, statistic, important fact, etc.  (Essentially the four
empirical sources will make up the body of your literature review.)
 I would recommend looking at the sample papers on Canvas to see how the literature
review can be written.  Some students find it easy to write their review in a chronological
order of when their chosen articles were published, while some students can find a
similar theme among the articles which makes the paper flow easy.
 I have had some students simply copy and paste their article reviews into the final paper
with transitions between the reviews.  Make sure the paper flows when it is read.
 Make sure to re-read your paper for grammatical errors.  Have someone else read the
paper and read it out loud yourself…you will catch mistakes doing these simple checks.
 These final papers will be turned in through, which checks for plagiarism so
MAKE SURE you are putting everything into your own words!
 Failure to follow the page requirements or utilize the appropriate sources will result in a
ZERO for the paper, which means you will have to re-take the course.  In addition, if the
paper is not satisfactory and results in a failing grade, you will fail the course and have to
re-take it next semester.  This course is extremely important because it shows the other
professors your work, so work hard on the paper.  
Article Review

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