Final (E-commerce)

2-3 pages 
. Explain the advantages, disadvantages, and risk levels of e-Commerce Vs regular commerce
2. Assume that you want to start an e-Commerce business and have decided to have your own e-Commerce infrastructure (not using commercial services).  Explain in detail all the hardware, software, tools, skills, personnel, etc. that is required to have your own e-Commerce infrastructure
3. Research on the Internet and list the top 10 e-Commerce retail businesses in the World (many companies have on-site and online businesses such as Walmart, Best Buy, etc. while Amazon is eCommerce only business).  Provide detailed information such as their total annual sales, revenues, and rate of increase/decrease for the past several years. (Provide references for your information).
4. Research on the Internet and explain the procedures for accepting credit card (VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express, etc.) payments for e-Commerce businesses including the required equipment, costs for transactions, etc.
5. As you may already know, Amazon recently purchased Whole Foods Market and have started integrating them into Amazon Market Place.  Provide a logical discussion on whether in your opinion this a good or bad move by Amazon was, the risks involved in this action, and how it could affect (positively or negatively) the rest of the grocery market in US.

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Final (E-commerce)
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