Final Discussion

How can the information you learned in this course be applied to your life and/or work to increase your future success? MAN3065 Business Ethics
Please have complete and well thought out responses.  I am looking for original input, so please share your thoughts and experiences so we can all learn from them.  Please make sure that you back up the posts with factual information from the book, work/life experiences, your online library, etc.  Cite any idea that is not “common knowledge”.  References must be listed to support the information you provide, and are a requirement of your original discussion post.  Superior postings are between 150-200 words —
Weekly Discussions-Cite at least one reputable source-(Journal Peer Reviewed Journal Article)
Your work should be error-free and clearly organized. Ensure that appropriate APA references and citations are included. Postings are polished, free of errors in mechanics, and is APA compliant. Let everyone be reminded that points would be deducted if you fail to cite sources of the information used. At least one journal source (Peer Reviewed Journal Article ) must be cited to support your ideas. Do not use Wikipedia, Chron, or other articles that are not reputable. Writing from experience is good but will be best when supported with research. The response to the main discussion question of the week must be three paragraphs. 
“Ethics has influence over the decisions we make and the actions we take, from our personal lives to our professional careers, and beyond”. (SCU, 2019) Throughout the course I have learned how to observe more of the inner workings of business. My focus has always been working in the medical field, this class has allowed me to take a step back and want to take a closer look at the company I work for. I can appreciate the difference between a job and a company whose vision aligns with my own. Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility, I consider the events and activities the hospital promotes and contributes to. I am also able to question how the hospital is visualized by the community. “When businesses give back, they not only contribute to the common good, they engage with their communities in meaningful ways, build morale among employees, and create positive regard for the business.”(SCU, 2019) I am also able to implement or play a more effective role in the action plan, or in my case, the treatment plan. Our most recent discussion of a Collectivist vs. Individualistic culture has encouraged me to evaluate how I personally have an individualistic mentality but as I care for each patient, I am participating in a larger collective to bettering the lives of our community.
Ferrell, O. C., Fraedrich, J., & Ferrell, L. (2019). Business ethics ethical decision making and cases (12th ed.). Cengage.
Santa Clara University. (2019, August 26). Ethics in Life and Business. SCU- My Own Business Institute.–tools/blog-posts/ethics-in-life-and-business/ethics-in-life-and-business.html.

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Final Discussion
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