final assignment

8-10 pages
  •Nature of Vulnerability 
Clearly discuss the nature of the person’s vulnerability and how it has impacted the person 
•Literature Review 
How social work practice and research informed on the person’s main stressor/need/problem 
•Theory Application 
Apply one of theories—ecological systems theory, family systems theory, or Erickson’s psychosocial theory to the person 
•Summary of Biopsychosocial Assessment •Strengths and Resilience 
Identify the strengths and resiliencies of the person 
•After Interview Reflection  
Reflect your reactions and after thoughts to the interview and assessment of your interviewing strengthens and needs 
•Application of Task-Centered Model 
Apply the Task-Centered Model and create an intervention plan for three-targeted problems. 
•Anticipated Outcomes (Desired Outcomes) 
Discuss the implementation of intervention and the anticipated outcomes 
Utilize at least 3 peer reviewed journal articles to support your literature review and intervention plan 
MSWsocial work

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