Film & Theater studies

Directions: Answer one of the prompts below in approximately 1200 to 1400 words (about 4 to 4 ½ double-spaced, typed pages). Thesis: A clear thesis statement of your argument is a requirement of this assignment. A thesis statement is not just a topic statement; it does more than state facts or say what your paper covers; it also advances an argument that must then be supported in the paper. It should also provide readers with a sense of what is coming: that is, what your supporting points will be. Be Clear and concise in your writing. Do not try to elevate your language to “sound smart.” Do, however, spend time choosing precise words. Proofreading: Please spellcheck and proofread this assignment. Spelling and grammar check software usually cannot find missing words or correctly spelled but wrong words. (And note: Film Titles should be italicized or underlined; don’t use quotation marks.) Quotations: You are required to use quotations as part of your argument in this assignment. Do not, however, overuse quotations or quote lengthy passages. Use only those quotations (or parts of quotes) that are appropriate. Quotations should in almost every case be introduced in your own language and the main point of the quotation summarized after the quote is given. Citations: Any idea, even if paraphrased, and certainly all quotations, must be cited: use MLA in-text (parenthetical) citations with a “list of works cited” at the end of the paper (see for examples)Research: You should draw on the readings assigned for the class in responding to these topics, but I very much encourage you to do additional research on your own. PromptChoose a recent film that seems to be a screwball comedy or that clearly draws on the traditions of screwball comedy and analyze if or how it is similar to and yet different from the films of the classic period of screwball comedies. In some cases, a direct comparison and contrast to an earlier film may be a good idea. If this film is a U.S. film, please consider why these changes may have occurred? Are these changes caused by what Thomas Schatz calls internal (formal or other changes in the genre itself) or by external (social, cultural) factors? Which ones?Finally, based on your analysis, consider the ways in which screwball comedy as an idea has changed or evolved or developed differently in a different culture or context. The more recent film I would like for you to talk about is “Whats up Doc?” 1972 Directed by Peter Bogdanovich. I think it is similar but also different to the film “Bring Up Baby” 1938 Directed by Howard Hawks. Please put the page number after every citation and if you find outside articles other than the ones provided please make sure they are credible. Thank you

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Film & Theater studies
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