Field Trip to children service center

Arrange a tour and interview with someone at the agency. Ideally, this would be with a clinician or someone who could help you understand the treatment process from clients’ point of view. Your goal is to arrange about a 30-minute interview time where you can learn about the mental health services the agency provides to children and their families. Try to examine the experience through the lens of parents seeking services for their child. Think about the child’s experience from intake through assessment and treatment to the termination of services. Look at the requirements for your reflection on this field trip in the Week 8 requirements, and then create a list of questions to consider for your interview. Consider the following questions to use during your interview:What are the demographics of the population served at the agency?What services are available to children and families?What clinical orientations/ theories are used by staff to provide services at the agency?What are common presenting issues?What are procedures for intake and assessment?What are parent and child responses to services?What are challenges the staff/ agency face in providing services?While you are at the agency note any observations about the set-up of the agency space.Any other questions you have that would help further your understanding of the organization.

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Field Trip to children service center
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