Field of Cyber Crime

The assignment should result in an APA paper with a minimum of four pages given to its Main Body, and no more than eight. The page requirement does not relate to Title Page, Abstract, and References pages. The paper should address the following: 
1. From the course Section II: Field of Cybercrimes, select one area of cybercrime that frames your work. 
2. Discuss it by describing any comparative traditional crime—e.g., trespass as compared to DDoS. 
3. Next, create a digital forensics investigation plan that may be applied to solve your selected cybercrime. Ensure that it is detailed enough to prove your knowledge of the discipline as a tool to help solve a crime, while being general enough that, perhaps, it could serve as a template for a law enforcement division
4. Lastly, discuss a legal case, criminal law (state or federal), and/or an article from a legal journal that relates to your chosen area of cybercrime.
CyberITInformation Technologycomputer science

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Field of Cyber Crime
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