Federal Policy Analysis and Recommendations

Body of Paper
Address the following, based on revising the assignments you submitted previously:

Analyze the social justice issue and its connection to the chosen population, addressing cultural values, privilege, and power in your analysis.
Analyze the federal policy and its connection to the social justice problem and the targeted population.
Analyze the historical issues and context leading up to, and including, the development of the policy.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the policy, including addressing issues with policy design, implementation practices, and external constraints that inhibit effectiveness.
Evaluate the feasibility of the policy from political, economic, and administrative perspectives.

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Federal Policy Analysis and Recommendations
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Provide a brief summary of the current state of the policy’s implementation in regard to the chosen social justice issue and target population.
Draw conclusions based on your analysis about the continuing effectiveness of the policy. What have been the policy’s strengths and weaknesses, and how might these look going forward? Cite specific  examples to support your analysis.


Provide recommendations to improve the policy or to replace it with alternative solutions, including a plan for how you will advocate for these changes. Should the policy be replaced, modified, or extended upon?      

Justify your recommendations for new policies or revisions with a detailed rationale.
Describe how the new or revised policy for the chosen population will be implemented into policy planning and action.
 3000 words



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