Facility Scheduling at State Farm Arena

Facility Scheduling at State Farm ArenaStudents will serve as the Scheduling Manager for State Farm Arena.  As part of this activity, students will identify appropriate events. Gather and provide information about your venue, at a minimum, please include the following: Seating capacityPotential space configurations Parking/transportationPrevious events hosted Availability Average ticket pricing Identify two specific (and noticeably different) events that you will recruit to perform in your venueConsider:Demographics (who would attend the event)Time frameSeating capacityEvent needs Transportation/travelBased on the information you gathered regarding the event/your own venue) create a ticket pricing plan for each eventMust include a $4 facility fee on each ticketParking/Concessions are other ways to increase revenue beyond ticket price – explain how this extra revenue impacts the overall event Explain why you believe that each of these events will find success at the arena and will book at your venue. 

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Facility Scheduling at State Farm Arena
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