Extra Credit #5
White House Rules There Will Be No Debt-Limit Concessions with Federal Budget Negotiations
Biden Global Plan for Vaccinations
Biden Lifts COVID Travel Restrictions from Europe
Crisis At With Haitians at the Border
Vaccine Approval for Children Moves Closer
Rise in Number of Babies with Syphilis Presents Health Crisis
Biden Address the United Nations
Canadian Elections
Conversation with the Nation’s Katha Pollitt with Amy Litchfield, “The Future of Roe v. Wade,” Wednesday, 9/22 9:00 am, register for link at The Nation Magazine, https://www.thenation.com/events/roe-v-wade-abortion/ (Links to an external site.) for link ($10 fee).
Outrage from Congress Over Migrants at the Border and US Response
Profile of Candidates Running for Mayor of Los Angeles
L.A. Cracks down on “out of control protests”
Pressure for Companies to Share Vaccine Technology
Meeting of Federal Reserve regarding interest rates
House Passes spending Bill and Debt Limit Increase
How Does Putin Shape Russia
L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Accused of Targeting Political Enemies
California Water Problem
Biden and  Generation Gap
Senior Diplomat to Haiti Resigns Due to Witnessing Inhuman Treatment at the Border
New Climate Rule Targeting Refrigerants

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