Project Description:
You are working on a presentation about energy use in the home. You decide to incorporate shapes to demonstrate heat loss in a home and use the SmartArt feature along with charts, tables, and 3D models to convey information relating to energy use and efficiency
Start   PowerPoint. Download and open the file Exp19_PPT_Ch04_Cap_Energy.pptx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename. 
Although SmartArt conveniently   groups all shapes together within a SmartArt graphic, you want to work with   the shapes in this graphic individually. You can use the Convert to Shapes   command to help you do this.
  Replace Student Name with David Washington in the subtitle on Slide 1. Convert the SmartArt graphic on Slide 2   using Convert to Shapes.

Now that the SmartArt has been   converted into individual shapes, you can ungroup the shapes before you begin   to work with them separately.
  Select and ungroup all three shapes.

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Each shape can now be modified   independently from the others, enabling you to align and distribute the   shapes evenly across the slide. Grouping them back together after   distributing them ensures the shapes again become a single object.
  Click Align and Align to Slide. Distribute horizontally and then Align Middle   the shapes across Slide 2. Then group them back together.

Insert a new Slide 7 with the   Title Only layout.
Images can convey your message   in a more interesting way than by simply using words. You add a charming   picture of progressively bigger piggy banks to illustrate the concept of   saving.
  Format the background of Slide 7 with Energy1.jpg as a Picture fill. In the title   placeholder, type Ready To Save Money? (the text will display in uppercase).

You add an image of an   energy-efficient lightbulb to help illustrate the concept of ways to save   energy.
  Insert Energy2.jpg in the right   placeholder on Slide 6 and change its Height to 5.5″. Align the edges to   the right and bottom of the slide.
The background of the image is   not transparent. By removing the background, the lightbulb will stand out and   be more noticeable on the slide providing a stronger message. Compressing the   pictures saves overall file size in the presentation.
  Remove the picture background. Mark Areas to Keep including the top of the   light bulb. Compress all pictures in the presentation using the default   resolution.

Animation can be used on   text-based slides to reveal key phrases one at a time. This helps to maintain   control of the audience’s attention.
  Apply the Fade animation to the SmartArt graphic on Slide 3. Set the effect   option to One by One. Set it to Start After Previous with a duration of 01.50   and a Delay of 00.50.

By applying animation to the   chart elements, you help the audience more clearly see the amount of heat   loss found in each area of the home.
  Apply the Fade animation to the chart on Slide 4. Set the effect option to By   Category. Set it to Start After Previous with a duration of 01.00 and a Delay   of 00.25.
Adding animation to the tables   on this slide will build the audience’s anticipation of the actual benefits   and results found with insulation use.
  Align the bottom table on Slide 5 to the bottom edge of the top table using   Smart Guides. Apply the Appear animation to the top table. Set it to Start   After Previous with a duration of 01.00 and a Delay of 00.25. Apply the   Appear animation to the bottom table. Set it to Start After Previous with a   duration of 01.50 and a Delay of 00.50. Turn off Smart Guides.

Using animation on the 3D Model   of the home helps the audience think about how much they enjoy each and every   aspect of their current homes.
  Apply the Turntable animation to the home image (3D Model) on Slide 8. Set it   to Start After Previous with a duration of 15.00.

A Morph transition can be used   to illustrate the importance of using energy-efficient windows in a home. You   begin with an image of an old window to imply that it will be drafty and   inefficient.
  Duplicate Slide 9.

You enhance the message of   energy-efficiency by replacing the drafty window image with one showing an   energy-efficient window.
  Replace the old window picture with Energy3.jpg   on the new Slide 10. In the Format Picture pane, deselect, Lock Aspect Ratio,   if necessary. Size the picture height to 4.5″ and the width to 5.21″. Position the picture   horizontally to 5.78″ from the Top Left Corner and vertically to 2.42″. Type INTO THIS as the new title text.

Adding a Morph transition makes   a seamless and entertaining way to change from the slide depicting an   inefficient window to an energy-efficient window.
  Apply the Morph transition to Slide 10.

Because you will show this   presentation to several different audiences, you may not always want to   present the slides sequentially. You can add a Summary Zoom slide to quickly   move between different sections in the presentation based on that audience’s   needs.
  Create a Summary Zoom using Slides 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8. Type Energy in   Your Home in   the title placeholder of the new Slide 1 (the text will display in   uppercase).


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