executive summary

I need you to create and executive summary for Craft Guitars i will attach the file which has info about the company.

The executive has to be no more than 2 pages single spaced.
 This is what i have so far i need you to add more to make it 1 page and a half

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executive summary
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Craft Guitars was established in 2015 to meet the demand for Guitars in the music industry. Craft Guitars was started with an investment of $200,000 from Ms. Garcia and $300,000 from private stock sale to family and senior management. Sales increased rapidly in the first six years of operations. The Company has successfully been able to maintain margins despite the rapid growth. Industry projections indicate a growing demand for the type of products the company manufactures. Craft Guitars maintains a competitive edge with prompt order fulfillment, excellent customer relationships, and custom design capabilities. The company is adequately housed in a 15,030 square-foot facility in San Bernardino and desires to meet the growing demand for its products. In the next three to five years Craft Guitars plans to increase its current sales by 15-20% by 2026”.


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