Excel regression Macros

1) Use the stock price data workbook for the assignment2) Find the Y variable which is the daily returns as given in the guidelines. The date is not the Y variable3) Find daily return(Y variable) for one market using macro by recording it to eventually find out the daily returns of every stock market particularly. ( Read the instructions)4) once that is done do the stock regression for one market by recording Macro and with the automatically generated macro after that edit it to find stock regression for the other market.It should not be done one by one individually but by editing a recorded Macro to find the stock regression for other marketsWhen you start with regression using data analysis option check on labels, Ouput Range and line fit plot as shown in the AM.JPG file ( Remember this has to be done after finding Y variable ) or the assignment.  Please do everything in the assignment.The chart should be similar to the one attached in the chart.jpg

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Excel regression Macros
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