Example power point 12 slides

Individual presentations are to be a power point presentation related to the topic discussed during the term.  The presentation should be 12 slides counting the title and reference page. The PowerPoint is to discuss an issue related to a substance abuse topic. Design the presentation as if presenting to the public.  Include in the presentation: 1) background information regarding the issues, 2) assessment of the impact of the disorder upon public health, and 3) recommendations on how to address the issue within a public health context. There should be a conclusion.
There should be detailed speaker notes on the slides except for the introduction and reference slides.  Use appropriate APA format reference in each slide as well as the speaker notes.  Ideally, the references should be five years or newer. There should be at least five peers reviewed references. Follow PowerPoint best practices.  The following is a resource from UCLA.  UCLA – How to make your next academic presentation a tech success  A guide to speaker note is
Add speaker notes to your slides – office support
As with all assignments, there should be no evidence of plagiarism in the presentation. The PowerPoint is worth 200 points.

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Example power point 12 slides
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