evaluation of the show when they see us

Apply ideas from the course to a contemporary work of television.
For example, you could argue that the work exemplifies or presents Black/Black Feminist
ideas, or that Black/Black Feminist principles provide resources for understanding,
interpreting, or criticizing the work. The written component for this kind of project would
defend your analysis/interpretation.”
So basically for this project, you will first need to discuss the show ‘When they see us” and describe it. 
Next, introduce the Angela reading and connect it to the show, and give an analysis of it all. 
Lastly,  address the common issue between the two (reading and show) and how we can improve as a society.
*must be 4-5 pages, MLA format*
attached is the reading. The show is on Netflix but here is a summary of it: https://www.oprahdaily.com/entertainment/tv-movies/a26588461/when-they-see-us-netflix-central-park-five-series-ava-duvernay/


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evaluation of the show when they see us
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