Evaluate Organizational Culture and Leadership Style Within a School or Organization

Understanding the culture of a school or organization and the impact various leadership styles may have on that culture is the first step to making positive change within an organization. This week’s assignment has two parts: a short paper and a survey. Please combine both parts into one document for submission.

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following points:

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Evaluate Organizational Culture and Leadership Style Within a School or Organization
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Define organizational culture
Explain three or four different types of organizational culture.
What are the various ways leaders can gather data about their organization’s culture?
What attributes should be considered when evaluating organizational culture? Consider things like leadership influence, work group effectiveness, worker accommodations/physical environment, communication, and job satisfaction.

 Review several samples of organizational culture surveys. If necessary, you can conduct a general Internet search for examples. Either way, do not copy any of these surveys. Use them only as a guide to producing your own original survey for your school or learning organization.
Using an online tool designed to deliver surveys, develop a 20-question survey that could be used to evaluate organizational culture and leadership impact in your own setting. Include the link to your survey in the paper.

Length: 2-3 page paper and a link to a 20-question survey
References: Include a minimum of 2-3 scholarly resources, properly cited within the body of your paper


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