Need citations list for research paper. The research paper will be on – The position of women in public relations, focusing not just on business but also non-governmental sectors and politics. 

Your job here is to harvest 12-15 research studies published in academic journals. You will be reviewing these 15 studies for your final paper for the course, it’s critical that you collect the right ones. Here are the steps: 

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  1. If your topic is finalized, find 2-3 closely-related studies.
  2. Skim through them to get a basic idea of each paper and to confirm that you’re on the right track. 
  3. Look through the reference list at the end of each study to better grasp what each author did (in terms of reading) to conduct their studies. Check if there are any studies that you want to read the whole study yourself. Those studies can be included as your citations. 
  4. Continue with database search. Play with some key phrases to enter into your search engine. Check more than one search engines: Google Scholar, EBSCO, Communication & Mass Media Complete, and JSTOR are a few examples you might use. If you have difficulties, reach out to EIU Booth Library. Librarians can answer almost all of your questions. 
  5. You will get many search results. It will be a mistake if you choose the first 15 results as your chosen studies to review. Check the title of the paper, journal in which it was published, and the abstract to determine if a particular study is truly the one you wish to include in your citation list. 

Indeed, you are to “harvest” the related studies. They have to be carefully selected. 

Once you collect some 15 studies, create a list following the APA style. Do not include the web address (URL). I won’t click on the link. I will be looking at the title of the paper, the journal title, and the year it was published. After that, if I find the study relevant enough, I will search the study on the web myself. Using the information you provide in the citation list, I should be able to do so. 


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