Essay due tomorrow

 informative essay info 
The essay has the following purpose:
– to correct misinformation on a topic that you know about because you have experienced it. If you decided to do the second option to interview a family member about their job, your essay will have the same purpose. The topic should not be something so obscure that the average reader would have no idea about it. Nor should it be something unrelated to you that you found on the Internet.
The essay should include: 
– An introduction with a thesis statement. The thesis statement will be the last sentence of the introduction and will say something about people not fully understanding your topic.
– A background paragraph in which you detail your experience of this topic
– one or a few paragraphs describing ‘the common view.’ This will be the limited view of those not involved in the topic. Their information might be wrong or it may be correct but incomplete.
– some paragraphs giving your new information. This is the ‘surprise’ part of the essay and the most interesting part because it gives the reader something new or a correction of something they thought they knew. It does not matter if I already know this information as long as the information is something that a non-specialist reader might reasonably not know.
– Conclusion: restate the thesis or summarize your main points briefly. Add something for the reader to think about at the end: a final opinion, a recommendation, a warning, a small anecdote, a quotation, etc.
P.S. Remember to include clear topic sentences for each of your body paragraphs.
P.P.S. Remember to include examples in the essay. If you say a sport is energetic, how is it energetic? Which parts of the body does it tire? What was your experience with this energetic element in the game?, etc. This is a four-page essay, so you will need examples to fully illustrate your points.

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Essay due tomorrow
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