Choose ONE of the following as the topics for your essay. If you do not like these, you may select your own topic:

Argue for a change in your current college or former high school, or in the school your children go to.
Argue for a change in a procedure in your workplace.
Argue for a change in your neighborhood.
Argue for a change in a volunteer or religious organization that you belong to. The change should be focused on a local issue, such as the way that volunteers are selected for leadership positions, rather than large-scale issues such as a change in the mission statement or beliefs of the organization.

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MPORTANT!!! Remember, this is not your typical Argument essay in the sense that you are simply arguing a position for or against something. For this essay, you must write to a person that will be equipped to help you made a change in policy or practice.
As I mentioned in the directions, audience is everything for this essay.
Please make sure you are including statistical information and other research that supports your claims. I am requiring a minimum of 3 sources.
Your essay should be a full 5 to 8 pages.
Argument essay with a solid thesis statement.
 The change you argue for must be directed toward a logical audience, which means addressing someone with the ability to make the change. Audience is important. 
The paper must contain this content:

An explanation of the problem, with evidence
A suggested solution to the problem
Steps needed to implement the solution
A refutation (counter argument) section

 how to use the rhetorical appeals using: logos, ethos, and pathos in your essay. 


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