Critical Analysis: World Issues Guid

You are to complete a critical analysis paper exploring a current world issue (1000-1500 words). It is best to focus on a problem germane to a specific area rather than broadly addressing  the issue from a global perspective. You should concisely address the following points:

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(a) problem
(b) cause
(c) how long it has been a problem
(d) what has been done to address the problem
(e) challenges and obstacles current correction projects face
(f) a recommendation with specific steps to solve the problem, and
(g) a conclusion that analyzes the authors portrayal of the issue and summarizes the key aspects of your report. 

APA format、5 academic source

You are free to chose any of the topics below. The topics are:

Human Trafficking
1994 Rwandan Genocide
Dying from obesity instead of hunger
Gender: My life, my choice
Social media: The new addiction
Finding the real God among the world’s many religions
The plastic problem
Racism, Ethnocentrism, or Nationalism (choose one)
Black Lives Matter movement 
Generational Poverty
India’s lingering caste system 
Natural Disasters (choose one)
The Rich-Poor Gap 
Hijab usage in non-Islamic countries
Child prostitution
Religion’s impact on banning condom usage


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