Option 1:  Promoting Population Health

New legislation in your state (FLORIDA) has mandated that the majority of funds allocated for public health efforts in your community be devoted to health promotion activities rather than to care of clients with existing health problems.  

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Some of the major health problems encountered in the state at this time include: 1)  cardiovascular disease, 

2) domestic violence,  

3) untreated mental illness; 

4) opioid addiction.

Please address ALL of the following questions related to this scenario:

-Which of these issues would be most amenable to health promotion strategies and interventions?  Why?

-Choose one of the four health problems listed above and design a set of interventions to address it.  

-Discuss the four P’s of social marketing related to the problem selected.  

-How might you segment your target audience?

Must include at least 2 peer reviewed nursing journal articles as reference 

Must be in APA


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