Essay!2-3pages (class for Art education-paiting)

 1. 2-3 page essay on What Makes Good Composition in Visual Art. Be sure to discuss the Principles and Elements of Design. 
 2. Remember is a single space in the word document.
3. It is required that citation and references must be added, and pictures can be added as references, but it must be clear! !
4. “ As for the essay, it is on what makes good composition in art.
My requirements are that it be 2-3 pages, single spaced with about 4-5 paragraphs that show me that you understand composition and the principles and elements of design. For instance, what those principles and elements would be. I do want your sources referenced and you can include examples. However, if you do that, please have the written essay be at least 2 pages.”

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Essay!2-3pages (class for Art education-paiting)
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