environments of tourism homework

For the case study you can choice between European, Asian and African tourist markets. The scope of the case-study is to identify the 
trends in tourism for next 10 years based on current regional geopolitics and geo-economics  
It is suggested that the following structure is used for the first report:
SECTION 1. An introductory explanation regarding the region of choice ( geography, resources, geopolitical issues)
SECTION 2. An overview of  the tourist industry in the region of your choice the last 20 years (travel motivations, main destination branding, tourism products ) (35%)
SECTION 3.  Prediction of tourism products development in the region of your choice based on current regional geopolitics and geo-economics (35%)
o References must be to the Harvard Referencing System. (10%)
o Appropriate presentation/quality of the report (10%)

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environments of tourism homework
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