Review Lyme disease in the United States in the 21st. century. Answer the following questions:

Describe the geographical chart to map the outbreak of Lyme disease in the United States.
What body system does Lyme disease affect, and how is it transmitted to humans?
Is Lyme disease a serious disease today? If so why? If not, why? Can Lyme disease be effectively treated? Is there a vaccine?
Why do some doctors dispute the diagnosis of Lyme disease?
What other communicable disease does Lyme disease closely mimic and what are the similarities?
What type of tick is the vector of Lyme disease? How was this tick first identified?
Describe the first outbreak of Lyme disease and when it was first recognized as a public health threat?

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Create a 400-600 word document and upload to BlackBoard. APA Citations and References required as appropriate


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