1. Please read David Foster Wallace’s “Tense Present: Democracy, English, and the Wars over Usage”
2. Please complete a Synthesis Table, 1 point: Complete one Synthesis Table and let the Synthesis Paragraph be the start of the write up assigned in No. 3 below.
3. Write One-Page Response to Wallace, 2 points: Respond to two ideas from Wallace’s writing. You are not expected to discuss everything he says. So just identify two interesting ideas to focus on. You can let the synthesis paragraph from No. 2 above be part of this writeup. Otherwise, this is an open response to Wallace’s writing.
Synthesis Table: Double-entry notes and paragraph writing. 
– The synthesis table is about establishing relationships. This is about establishing relationships. It’s quite literally a double-entry notes set up on the top half, with a place to write a paragraph at the bottom. The top table contextualizes the content. Below that is a blank table for you to fill in. Establish relationships to develop your main ideas.
Synthesis Paragraph: Synthesis as a technical reading and writing term is about bringing multiple sources of information, multiple ideas, together to help make new meaning. What you want to do here is just write a paragraph in which you articulate the relationship you established in the columns above.

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