Health effects of natural disasters occur over stages, beginning with the immediate impact of the event. Another impact of CHEs are individuals who are displaced. Displaced persons face many risks to their health and well-being not only during the event, but also after returning or resettling. After reading this week’s chapters and reviewing the PowerPoints and websites provided, please respond to the following (700-900 words, citation and reference in APA format):

Athttps://www.apha.org/policies-and-advocacy/public-health-policy-statements/policy-database/2014/07/29/10/34/the-health-of-refugees-and-displaced-persons-a-public-health-priority least one other valid source explain the role of global public health, what resources are available for countries who do not have the necessary material or food to cope with the health impacts of the CHE(s).
What are the primary goals of humanitarian response to disasters?
Describe an assessment and surveillance necessary during emergency phase of the disaster.

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