English 101 class, if you read They say I say, and you have this book, you can help me this

at page 19,
Write a paragraph in which you first summarize the authors’ rationale for the templates in the Introduction of They Say/I Say (not the preface). Then, in a second paragraph, articulate your own position in response, using the following template. 
In the Introduction to They Say/I Say, the authors provide templates designed to _____. Specifically,  they argue that the types of writing templates they offer___. As the authors themselves put it, “___.” Although some people believe ____, the authors insist that ___. In sum, then, their view is that ____.
I [agree/disagree/have mixed feelings]. In my view, the types of templates the authors recommend____. For instance, ____. Overall, then, I believe____.

The following is a list of three topics people have debated. Compose a “they say” argument for them, using any of the templates from Chapter 1 of They Say/ I Say.
Note: you don’t need to research the topics. I just want you to get practice using the Chapter 1 templates.

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English 101 class, if you read They say I say, and you have this book, you can help me this
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