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Unit 4. Critical Analysis Writing – Book Evaluation

Three to five pages

Purpose of the assignment

For this essay you will write a thesis-driven evaluation of an instructor approved book. This evaluation brings together the reading and writing skills that you mastered in the previous units. You are presenting an analysis and an evaluation. All sections should be thorough showing an in-depth understanding of your book.

You will need at least two outside sources (for the introduction and contextualization sections). You will generate search terms, develop a research strategy and implement it. This means locating and selecting two credible sources (information literacy)


Using prompts below, you will develop a formal Harvard outline. Each entry should contain full sentences. Your thesis must objectively reflect your attitude towards the book. Ask yourself, “Does this book meet the needs of its audience?” Roman numeral I will summarize the book. Roman numeral II will contextualize (historical and cultural background the book. Roman numeral III will evaluate the critical elements of the text. You may also include criteria from other lists provided by your instructor. You must apply three criteria to your evaluation.

Based on the outline, you will develop an essay of 3-5 pages; however, an engaged evaluation typically generates an essay of 5-6 pages, integrating textual examples and outside sources. Although quoting from the book occasionally is acceptable, try to paraphrase most of your examples. Your introduction should include the following: a motivator, title of the book, author’s name, author’s purpose, and book genre. Also include pertinent background information about the author and any relevant biographical or professional details (from one outside source) and your evaluative thesis.

The summary section should include a lead-in. Include a conclusion with a reworded thesis and clincher. Also attach an APA Reference page.

Throughout the essay, be sure to correctly cite and integrate quotes/paraphrase/summaries from your book to support your assertions. Be sure to edit and proofread your final draft.

Summary: (2/3 -1 page)

Begin with a lead-in establishing the author’s name, date of publication (parentheses), and the title of the book (italicized). State the main idea in one sentence. Then state the central ideas of the book. Remember, the summary should reflect the genre. Use your own words as far as possible, and do not miss out any central ideas.

Contextual Analysis: (1 page)

Explain the historical and cultural background of your book. What was happening at the time/in that place that might shape the content? For example, what was the socio-economic environment of the time? How does it impact your characters? If your book is taking place in contemporary America, what is revealed about current values? If the book is taking place in another country, you might have to do some research about the country and examine what cultural forces are influencing content. When referencing a source, be sure to add the information to your reference page with the full APA documentation.

Evaluation (2-3 pages. At least one page on each criterion)

Look back at your thesis to ensure that you support it in this section. Does the author fulfill the purpose of the book and the needs of the audience? What critical elements are you using to support your opinion? Use evaluative language which clearly indicates your opinion of the book and then support that opinion with your critical elements and examples to support them. Paraphrase as much as possible.

You should also include an APA References page.


A. Motivator

B. What is the title of the book, author’s name, author’s purpose, and book genre?

C. What pertinent background information should be presented about the author?

D. Thesis evaluating the book

E. Blueprint (identify three critical elements)

I. Summary

II. Contextual Analysis

III. Evaluation

A. Critical Element 1

B. Critical Element 2

C. Critical Element 3


A. Reworded thesis

B. Clincher

Ramage, J. B. (2015). The Allyn & Bacon guide to writing (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.

Updated August 2017 Wilmington English Dept.


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