Elevator Pitch

Begin by conducting a job search using an online job search website such as Monster.com, Indeed.com, your local news website, etc. Select a job that you find interesting. Read and review information about the employer, the job description, and the qualifications required.

Write a summary of the job position and qualifications required (150 words). 
Next, imagine that you just happen to bump into the hiring manager for this position at a job fair. Compose the elevator pitch you would give to this manager to get her to consider you for the position. *Consider what you would contribute to the team if you were hired. 
Finally, recall that it was in our country’s recent history that women were not ‘allowed’ to approach hiring managers, with an elevator pitch, which was attributable to the then-existing systemic workplace patriarchal paradigm.  It was major legal milestones, and social progress, that broke such archaic thinking.  When were women extended the U.S. Constitutional right to vote? 

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Elevator Pitch
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