Elections Discussion

I need those questions number 1 and number 2 answered separately and carefully. each question needs 200 words and up. and sources of each questions will be separated 1. Elections Discussion (required).Most of these questions can be answered in short paragraphs. Some of you might not have had a chance to vote (due to age, citizenship status, and other reasons), in such case, answer the questions hypothetically to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts.Which type of voting is more common – retrospective or prospective? Why? When you have to pick a candidate to vote, do you vote as a prospective or retrospective voter? Explain why.Which valence issues are important to you? Which positional issues are important to you? Discuss advantages and disadvantages of being an office incumbent in Washington, D.C. Which incumbent is more likely to win an election – congressional or presidential incumbent? Explain why.2. Political Parties Discussion (required)What are the two major explanations for why we have a two-party system in the United States? Why does the two-party system persist in the United States?Which party system do you prefer, the one used in most European democracies or the one in the United States? Why? Explain your preference.What role do minor/third political parties play in the US politics?

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Elections Discussion
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